SOTC Travel Unveils its Refreshed Brand Position

Customers define what SOTC means to them

With a legacy of over 74 years, we firmly believe that ‘No one understands the Indian Traveller better than SOTC’.

In keeping with this rich heritage and guiding principle, SOTC has unveiled its refreshed brand position focused on its singular mission dedicated to serving the diverse travel needs of Indians with unparalleled excellence.

As a part of its refreshed brand position and Customer First philosophy, SOTC’s customer will define what SOTC means to them. To showcase this intent, SOTC has launched an extensive multimedia campaign that encompasses a mix of digital, social media, and print. The campaign stands out for its creativity and innovation. For instance, ‘Swimming Over The Corals’ ingeniously integrates each letter of SOTC, weaving captivating narratives of travel. This unique approach not only underscores SOTC’s exceptional understanding of the Indian traveller but also solidifies its position as the Indian Pioneer in not just group travel but also a diverse range of customised holidays.

The brand’s refreshed strategy ultimately conveys that SOTC transcends being a mere travel agency/tour operator. It embodies the quintessential Indian Travel Expert – a friendly service partner known for its unwavering dependability.

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Reiterating its strategy, SOTC has launched its Europe 2024 collection of holidays – epitomizing the Company’s commitment to offering an array of experiences that SOTC co-creates with and for its customers.

Vishal Suri, Managing Director, SOTC Travel Limited said “At SOTC, we take immense pride in being an Indian-grown brand, born of Indian entrepreneurship, dedicated to serving the diverse travel needs of Indians with unparalleled excellence. We firmly believe that today, ‘No one understands the Indian Traveller better than Team SOTC.’ We know their travel preferences, their inclinations, and how they like to explore the world. This unparalleled knowledge is deeply entrenched in our DNA.

As we enter our 75th year in 2024, we aim to leverage this wealth of industry expertise and customer insight. Hence via the launch of our brand refresh, our customer will define what SOTC means to them.

We continue to stay committed to deliver exceptional travel experiences to our customers. Our journey ahead promises to be more exhilarating and more rewarding than ever before. Our goal is to not just meet but exceed the expectations of our customers by providing them with unforgettable journeys that truly resonate with their preferences and aspirations.”

SOTC is committed to cater to a spectrum of travel requirements, always keeping in mind its customer’s unique tastes and preferences to ensure unforgettable experiences that encompass comfort, convenience, and excellent value for money.

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