SOTC Travel Launches ‘Around the World in 70 Days’ – Bespoke Journey Across the Globe . Breath-taking & Must-See Destinations Across Seven Continents

Around the WorldSOTC Travel has curated a special holiday ‘Around the World in 70 Days’ spanning 7 continents comprising of incredible destinations and experiences from across the globe. In the 70th year of a fulfilling existence, and inspired by a widely beloved travel saga, this holiday experience includes some of the most picturesque destinations, adrenalin-pumping adventures, stunningly beautiful nature and wildlife and natural and man-made wonders that this planet has to offer.

‘Around the World in 70 Days’ is designed specifically to take one through a plethora of unique experiences, encompassing the rich culture, heritage, trade, cuisine, and history of a destination across 7 continents.

This unique holiday also covers the many awe-inspiring wonders of South America, the sub-zero wonders of Antarctica, the great wilderness of Africa, the royal history of Europe, the Northern Lights and whale-watching in Iceland, and several more renowned wonders and attractions across the seven continents.

Madhavan Menon, Chairman, SOTC Travel Ltd., “For seven decades SOTC has opened the world to travellers and has made holidays an essential part of their lives. Over these years, SOTC Travel has constantly been at the forefront of introducing innovative product offerings, expanding its destination market and creating perfect holiday moments for customers. Indian travellers have evolved rapidly, and are now increasingly seeking curated, experience-led holiday propositions.

The launch of this exclusive limited edition offering “Around the World in 70 Days” to commemorate SOTC’s 70th Anniversary, is a “bucket list” once in a lifetime experience – packaged seamlessly to offer new and unique experiences to the discerning traveler. Worthy testament to the millions of customers who have traveled with SOTC over the past 70 years and the many more to follow!”

Vishal Suri, Managing Director, SOTC Travel, “The shift in traveller preferences has created a strong opportunity for the growth of the entire travel sector, spanning various continents and countries across the globe.  Leisure travel has also evolved to encompass not only the country, but every unexplored corner of the world.

SOTC Travel has reinvented its expansive portfolio of holiday offerings, catering to a diverse range of customer archetypes. For travellers belonging to the archetype of The Explorer, The Convenience Seeker and The Family Memory Builder, this holiday experience brings a chance to explore niche destinations, gain new cultural experiences and create remarkable memories. Thus, Around the World in 70 Days inspires the Indian Traveller to choose and explore an experiential journey across spectacular destinations in the world.”