SOTC Partners with the Royal Bank of Canada and Avion Rewards to Offer Exciting Holiday Deals to Millions of Canadians!

This year, SOTC Travel has partnered with RBC (Royal Bank of Canada), Canada’s leading bank with over 17 million customers to offer RBC’s customers multiple holiday packages via their Avion Rewards (Canada’s largest proprietary loyalty program).

This partnership between the leading brands is built on the strong relationship between Fairfax Financial Holdings (Fairfax) and RBC, with active support of the leadership of Fairfax Digital Services.

SOTC’s range of holiday packages can be booked not only by the NRI diaspora in Canada but also by all Canadians who have banking relationships with RBC.

We have created a dedicated microsite promoting these offers and also developed a launch video to promote this association.

To Explore the microsite click:

To watch the video click:

This range of products will be extensively promoted by RBC through their Avion Rewards platform via their website, app and also by frequent communication to their customer database.

At SOTC, we are proud to be an India-grown brand, with innovation at our core. For over seven decades we have taken Indians across the globe on leisure, incentive and corporate trips and we continue to fuel our pioneering spirit.

This association with RBC allows us to showcase our range of holiday offers to millions of Canadian travellers, and creates a model we can replicate across other partners and markets worldwide.

At the cusp of our 75th Anniversary and as part of the Thomas Cook India and Fairfax group, we continue to strive for excellence in everything we do.