SOTC adds joy to the lives of the residents at Shatikunj Sevashram

A successful volunteering programme by SOTC with Shantikunj took place at Panvel. SOTC partnered with Vidyadhiraj Charitable Trust in visiting Shantikunj Sevashram, a centre for dignified elderly.  Shantikunj provides economic and psychological support to senior citizens to improve their quality of life. The home provides shelter to the aged and empowers them to lead a meaningful existence with dignity and self-respect.

14 employees from Mumbai made their way on an exciting road journey to Shantikunj and spent quality time with its residents. Employees had an insightful day interacting with the elderly through fun activities which included a tree plantation drive, one on one sessions with the elderly and a field visit that showcased the work and efforts at Shantikunj Sevashram.

It was truly an enriching experience for the volunteers. The enthusiasm of the residents and employees made the day very special. Thanks to SOTC Management and the employees who volunteered for taking the effort so much joy came into the lives of the residents at Shantikunj.