Some Great Initiatives by Sterling

Spreading Smiles – Toy Drive at Sterling

In a heartwarming endeavor to spark joy, Sterling orchestrated a ‘Toy Drive’ during the Children’s Day week in November. Recognizing the innate happiness that children create with their innocence, Sterling encouraged its employees to contribute toys and books. The response was overwhelming as donations poured in, reflecting the collective spirit of generosity within the company. These tokens of kindness were then presented to a group of children at an NGO, and the light that radiated from their faces was so touching. Sterling’s commitment to spreading joy and making a positive impact in the community resonated deeply, marking this initiative as a memorable celebration of the pure, unbridled happiness that children embody.

The pictures say it all!

Cricket League at Sterling

Finance Team–Winners

Following the excitement of the ICC World Cup held in October and November, Sterling kept the cricket fever alive by organizing its own cricket championship- the Sterling Cricket League. After numerous postponements due to the on-set of the monsoons, the much-anticipated cricket league finally came to fruition in December. Our passionate players gave their all, showcasing their skills and sportsmanship and the event was a resounding success. The inter-departmental friendly cricket match featured two rounds of qualifiers, showcasing the passion and dedication of Sterling’s players. In a thrilling finale, the Finance Team emerged as champions, with the IT Team putting up a strong fight to finish as the runners-up. The event not only brought the employees together for some friendly competition but also highlighted Sterling’s core value towards fostering a vibrant and engaging work culture.

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