Sita Welcomes a Very Special Group- Another First


On 19th November 2016, a special group of 18 members landed in Delhi for a two-week tour.  It was a group with a difference— nine group members were completely blind.

Sita handled such a group for the first time, TourdeSense, a tour operator based out of Germany,  has been organising such special groups for visually challenged clients within Europe and a few other destinations. They brought their first group to India, and Sita was proud to host them. They were very impressed with the thought and care Sita had put into planning the entire trip.

A cover folder was designed for the itinerary in denim with a heavy embossing of the Taj Mahal for the travellers to feel the grand monument. A special sling bag was also designed to carry the itinerary made from Jute and dupian silk with embroidery, again to give them a feel of India in terms of textiles.

The group travelled across Delhi, Agra, Jaipur, Jodhpur and Pushkar before returning home to Germany.

Congratulations Team Sita.