Sita Launches Sustainability Index for Excursions


At Sita, we give a strong preference to excursions which take environmental, social and economic impacts into account, and which foster a more sustainable tourism.

In doing so, Sita has drafted a Sustainability Guideline based on 6 questions that need to be addressed before recommending a tour to clients:

Whether the excursion:

Is respectful in encounters with local traditions
Is caring for the environment

Is caring for animal welfare
Is providing economic benefits to local communities
Is providing a fair working environment and employing qualified staff
Is ensuring customer awareness

Based on the above, a member of the Destination Knowledge Centre formulated a rating system, the Sustainability Index to accurately show results that would help us in assessing all our excursions. The Sustainability Index rating system varies from poor to excellent.

After a yearlong activity, all our tours have been rated according to the Sustainability Guidelines.

As a step forward, Sita will now initiate dialogue with Experience Providers for improvements, work with Experience Providers to reach excellent ratings and encourage the Experience Provider to keep up the good work and monitor the activity periodically.