Secret Santa Gifts Joy and Smiles!


Christmas  is a time for giving as well as receiving, and year after year, we at the Luxe Asia office have the  Secret Santa Gift Exchange!

First we put chits, and give each staff member the name of another staff member’s name. The best thing about this is the person who is receiving the gift doesn’t know who is gifting it.

We did the gift exchange on 8th December 2017 before most of the staff left for their annual leave .

Gradually we saw the Christmas tree filling up with up with presents for all the staff.

Finally, on the day of the exchange, the gifts were distributed to each employee by our Managing Director Chaminda Dias.

 Faces lit up as the the presents were unwrapped, and the true spirit of Christmas was also unwrapped. It was certainly a time for joy and good will for us all at Luxe Asia