Rolling out the Red Carpet for a Rollicking Time


Select Thomas Groups  to Europe were in for a special treat in Zurich this June and July.

Started last year, an exclusive customer event called Red Carpet turned out to be a successful celebratory occasion with a celebrity!

CG3A1372The grand event, hosted by actor Boman Iran– actor, singer, raconteur, comedian — enthralled more than 500 customers over  4 days.

The idea was to create memorable moments in idyllic settings for customers, where they could interact close-up with a celeb in a manner they couldn’t imagine!

Boman Irani enthralled the audience with his diverse talents– music, acting– and delighting his audience with games and fun.  His singing prowess was showcased through iconic songs like “My Way” and  “Give Me Some Sunshine”.

CG3A1833And the travellers were, indeed, given more than just ‘some sunshine’… they were also given a gourmet meal by Chef Ranveer Brar  topped with instant  ice-creams, nitrogen kulfi and other exotic desserts.

The Red Carpet event was an example of how we go that extra mile to give our customers something beyond the ordinary— something starry, something special, something memorable— to take back home!