Revathi Roy, Woman of Substance, Inspires Us on Women’s Day


This year, our Women of Will (WOW) were addressed by a woman of substance — Revathi Roy, on International Women’s Day, 8th  March 2018.

Revathi Roy is a serial entrepreneur who has been working towards empowering urban poor women since 2007 whether be it by pioneering Asia’s first all-women taxi service, Forsche or recently founding India’s first all-women instant parcel delivery service, Hey Deedee.

Picture3Roy was a 45-year-old housewife with three young children when her husband slipped into a coma in 2004. After two years of anxiety and mounting medical bills, he succumbed to his illness. But instead of wallowing in self-pity, Roy picked up the pieces of her broken life and started rebuilding it. As a rally-driving enthusiast, she participated and came second in the Lavasa Women’s Drive. That is when Roy decided to turn her passion into a business. A speaker at various B Schools, TEDx Talks, and also a mentor and investor to various startups, her Vision is to empower women and girls from underprivileged families, and have the unskilled sector made employable.

We were fortunate to have Revathi share her story of resilience to overcome challenges in her personal life. Needless to add, she was an astounding success with the women of the Thomas Cook Group on ,  drew inspiration from her courageous story.