PSL’s (EA) Trajectory Path to Recovery Amid Covid-19

PSL (EA) welcomes the first chartered flight  of clients (the first of the nine rotations) from Romania in Mombasa, Kenya

Top Three Challenges PSL Team Faced in the Past Year?

  • Safety
  • Transport
  • Uncertainty / Pay cuts
Clients sanitize immediately after disembarking from the flight

Management Measures on the Challenges:

  • It was decided that there be a staff shuttle programme to keep the employees safe, and also to shield them from the adverse effects arising from Covid-19.
  • An SOP team was formulated to come up with Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for the company. These, once in place, would ensure guaranteed health and safety for our staff as well as our visitors.
  • Job pay cuts were introduced to cushion the team from losing their jobs, and also as a way to sustain the running of the company’s operations for as long as it takes.


PSL’s jovial driver guides eagerly await the arrival of the Romanian guests

PSL’s Team Galvanizing Message During Covid-19

Alexander Spiro, our CEO, a man with conviction, ensured that every employee of Private Safaris (EA), understood the goals of the company that he spearheaded. The goals were to see PSL survived the pandemic, put it on a path to recovery with an ultimate goal of growth. He did this in words and deeds.

PSL’s Inspiring Stories on Extraordinary Human Resourcefulness and Potential.

Sales Department – persuading difficult clients to agree to postpone their bookings into future dates, as opposed to cancellations, an exercise which would attract cancellation charges. This was not an easy task, since the team had to renegotiate with the suppliers to freeze the rates to allow the clients to postpone travel into future dates with the same rates!

IT Department – Some very crucial users (involved in the Romania group operations) in Nairobi and Mombasa had reported having issues with their machines and malfunctioning software: Some users could not receive e-mail updates while others had problems with their PCs. With little or capped spending budget, the IT Department resolved to reassemble and revive some machines from dead ones. To the malfunctioned software, critical users were upgraded to the latest versions of mailing apps while the rest were put on office 365 until new upgrades were in place. These quick solutions saw the software/machines of the troubled users come back to life with full activity.

Troubleshooting of faulty machines – An IT Department Exercise

Other problems included resolving issues arising from power outages such as troubleshooting, and reviving dead IP Phones of some users.

Revived dead Phones - An IT Department Exercise
Revived dead Phones – An IT Department Exercise

Operations Department – On the arrival date of our big group of clients from Romania, there was a bus designated to transfer Eturian clients from the airport to their respective hotel. 15 minutes before the departure, the operations team discovered that the air conditioner was out of order. The team acted swiftly by swapping the bus with another one, and before the guests were aware of what was happening, they were on their way to the hotel.

Another incident happened on the last day as the group was being checked into the airport for a flight back home. Their luggage was being piled and wrapped up. As a result, an uproar ensued as the exercise didn’t settle very well with some of our guests since they were being required to pay. Alexander Spiro – our CEO, who after having been informed of the situation, followed up the matter with the airport’s management, which later apologised and promised to carry out the exercise free of charge (which they did!) for our next batch of Romanian visitors.

Five Words to Describe PSL’s Proactiveness

  • Organization
  • Teamwork
  • Excellence
  • Astute
  • Motivators