Redefining PSL Transport System – April 2019

Four decades ago, Private Safaris East Africa DMC nurtured a dream to not only become a market leader by offering the best safari products to its clients, but also to create a legacy that would inspire its competitors to dream more, learn more and perhaps do more.

Over the years, Private Safaris EA has proven time and again that it is the only trailblazer in East Africa with satisfied clients attesting to its great willingness and ability to give them great service beyond their expectations.

Adventure champion, Ernest Hemingwayexclaimed, ‘I never knew of a morning in Africa when I woke up and I wasn’t happy.’ Perhaps, the best and most beautiful things in the world need not be seen or touched but be felt with the heart. And that is Africa for you.

Jason Isbell argues, ‘as life changes, it gives me new things to write about.’ Isn’t this what is happening to the world these days? Well, as this could be true, any serious travel agency or DMC out there knows very well that they must keep abreast with the latest trends in the travel industry. They must understand the modern traveller’s needs if they don’t want to be out of the business!


Consequently, in line with emerging trends, Private Safaris EA began an exercise from last year, 2018, to roll out a new upgraded safari transport system which was to incorporate the following:

  • 8 Safari Land cruisers 3 of which are brand new, and 5 are refurbished to the current market standards.
  • 5 Minibuses.
  • 2 Brand new Safari Land cruisers which have already been ordered in addition to the others which will be ordered in March 2019 depending on the development of the business.

With the new system of vehicles our visitors are sure to enjoy:

  • A stretched vehicle with more space, hence increased comfort
  • Back window, bigger than any of our competitors, offering a panoramic view, back window can even be taken off, especially good for photographic safaris.
  • More space on the inside, with six seats and a built in refrigerator – water is the usual, but with this fridge you can feel like James Bond 007, and have a drink during sunset or have your ice cold champagne!
  • The seats can be moved backwards and forth, and can be reclined – for ultimate, customized comfort.

Private Safaris is, indeed, setting new standards in East Africa!