Promotional Activity by TCIL Kollam at Education Fair


As part of our product promotion,  the Thomas Cook office in Kollam had a special kiosk at an Overseas Education Fair. The fair was organized by a firm named “Kingston Study Abroad“,  a leading consultant at Kollam. This event was earlier advertised and given much coverage in the newspapers, through TV Channels and the media. It targeted students who had just completed/ were completing their under-graduation and schooling  across the district and were thinking of pursuing further studies abroad. KINGSTON FARE (1)Taking advantage of the exposure, we met the agent and proposed our Education Forex products, and offered an end level support for their students’ foreign exchange needs. After several discussions, we were permitted to have a counter in a prime location at the Fair, which gave us an excellent opportunity to introduce our Company to those who participated in the event.

Pramod G
    TCIL Kollam