Project Engage- Revitalizing Sales at SOTC


SOTC will now introduce an all-new Sales App under project ENGAGE. The sales organization will now sell to the market with the help of the new selling tool showcasing various tour packages to customers. The sales user can select a package, check availability, generate a quote and book a holiday all on-the-go. This eliminates the need to carry along brochures, quotations or any system to check availability while meeting clients. The main aim of Project Engage is – “To Get It Right the First Time”.

The App simplifies the Sales & Booking process for the sales user, enhances the customers experience and at the same time lowers the risk of errors. Users can now record bookings and confirm packages while they are on-the-go. An exciting feature added is that the Sales Dashboard will give each individual visibility of his performance – Sales Achievement, NPS Score & Query Conversion Score. The first phase of Project ENGAGE was to go live by 1st June 2017.