Private Safaris MICE – Creating Memorable African Experiences.

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Haven’t we all been in that situation before? Where we are in a competitive bidding situation for an incentive or project, and all we want is that creative fresh idea that totally answers the client’s brief, in order to make our offer stand out from all the rest? But all we get back from our destination partner is the same old product and the same old experiences?

6 (selected)At Private Safaris MICE, our team knows exactly what that feels like, because most of us have worked on the agency side of the bidding process. Consequently, because we know exactly what will make the magic for each individual bid, we work tirelessly to ensure that the brief, and the client’s strategic outcome, are considered when designing each individual project. We take the time to find out who the end customer is, who their audience is, and the exact purpose of the project. After all, the key to a successful incentive, conference or launch party is the message that is taken home.

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Creating unforgettable experiences through authentic interactions with our people is something South Africa does incredibly well, and memorability is so often the point of difference when we measure the success of a project. Sometimes it’s a simple thing (like the way the lady teaching you to fold samosas makes you laugh), and sometimes it’s a magical thing (like the story your ranger tells of the time he encountered an elephant on foot), but whatever it is, Private Safaris MICE wants to make sure that your clients don’t just leave a little bit of their hearts behind in Africa, but will forever remember that it was your project that made it so unforgettable!