Presenting ‘FUTSAL-MANIA 2017’, the First Ever Internal Football Championship at Thomas Cook India


For the first time ever, staff from LTOB & MICE gathered at the Cooperidge, Churchgate, for an inter-department football match on 18th March  2017, at 4 pm.  Whereas we have had cricket tournaments in the past, this was the first ever inter-department football game between staff of two departments.

Everyone present was in high spirits waiting to challenge one another other. Members included both men and women.  Just like an IPL match, there was  bidding for the 4 teams by their respective team owners – Suhas Shetty & Urvi Bhatia for Team 1, Muzaffar Ansari for Team 2, Manish Kabre for Team 3 and Paresh Malvankar for Team 4.IMG_9563

Players were segregated into 4 Men’s teams and 2 Women’s teams. Kunal Sathe (MICE) lead Team 1 with players Shaibal Bhowmik, Faisal Shaikh, Gaurav Seth, Naushad Qureshi, Deep Desai, Borris Pereira, Guru Pandit, Gaurav Dongre, Swapnil Powar, Hemant Kalyani, Sachit Yadav & Rajkumar Yadav.

Ellison Gois (MICE) led Team 2 with players Ian Fialho, Kailash Palshetkar, Rohaan, Moiz Lokhandwala, Collin Pereira, Nilesh Chavan, Raja Patil, Yogesh Khamkar, Arzan Malegamwala & Imran Chauhan.

Team 3 was led by Condran Fernandes (LTOB), with members Sheldon Pereira, Varun Maheshwari, Cassius Colaco,  Mihir Kelkar, Christopher Dmello, Dheeraj Gamre, Mehul Parmar, Abhishek Raut, Mangesh More, Sandeep Fawde & Salman.

Erwin Fulgado (LTOB) led Team 4 with members Sweeton D’mello, Pravin Palande, Ravi Solanki, Raunaq Srivastava, Yogesh Phull, Anath Rangrajan, Shishir Khambete, Ricson, Ameya Sathe, Satish Koli & Raj Malpekar.

IMG_9884Among the girls, Team A was led by Deesha Musale (LTOB) and her members included Dipti Dhanavade, Ruchita Kamble, Harshi Kachroo, Shruti Pimputkar, Ruchi Yadav, Nikita Swarnkar, Esha Hoskote & Premila Rosario and Team B saw Aditi Thosar (LTOB) as the captain with members Manek Krutika, Pooja Kabbur, Arpana Karne, Nilam Vilas Phadtare, Purva Sawant, Annie Solomon, Riddhima Tamang & Sumitra Gonsalves.

While players carried their own playing shorts, socks, shoes and other accessories, Jerseys were provided on the ground. Each team consisted of 5 active members with the rest as substitutes, available to replace any player at any point of time. There were certified referees all throughout the game with yellow cards – indicating 2 minutes out and red card – indicating out of the match. All very professional!

The football match was fun and exciting and eventually saw Condran’s team and Ervin’s team reaching the finals. At the end, Ervin’s team had won through a penalty shootout. Team 4 rejoiced and the photos featured  speak for themselves!

The Ladies’ football tournament was also filled with great excitement, with both captains and their respective teams battling it out on ground.  Aditi’s team eventually won and there was great cheer in the air.  The winner’s trophy was presented to Erwin’s team and Aditi’s team at the end. The other teams were given runner’s up trophies. Everyone on the ground had a great time, and happily posed for the cameras. The event was a mega success!

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