Pinch Hitter or Recruiter, HR Believes in Playing the Game Right

In cricket, pinch hitter or slogger is the usual term for a batsman (not a substitute, unlike in baseball) promoted up the batting order in order to score quick runs. As attempting to score runs quickly involves playing more aggressive shots, and therefore there is an increased likelihood of being dismissed, it is generally considered unwise for a top-order batsman to attempt this. Therefore, a lower-order batsman (such as a bowler) is sometimes promoted. There is less importance placed on his wicket, so he can play with more freedom. This is an important tactic in One Day International cricket, with its occurrence in Test cricket far less regular.

On the same note we have the Pinch Hitter Rolling Trophy awarded to the Recruiter who releases the highest number of offers, who take on major load on behalf of the team. During the peak hiring season when recruitment numbers were high this trophy was awarded ‘Weekly’. Currently this trophy is awarded ‘Fortnightly’.



Pre Pandemic the TA team used to release on an average ~100 offers a month, this team handling both TA and BHR roles for the last 5 months have been releasing an average of 145 offers monthly. We started this series in the 1st week of July 2022 to motivate our team – Hence this Pinch Hitter plays a pivotal role.

Here are few photos of our winners!