Our Plans for the Next 25 Years and Beyond!

Bespoke Experiences

Desert  Adventures has  always  been  known  to provide a higher echelon of tour services; however, this year one of our biggest focuses has been to create  unique  and  remarkable experiences that cater directly to various travel segments. Expect to also see major updates in all our standard tour services as well, as we showcase some the latest sights and attractions in each of our destinations.

Further Connectivity

Our digital connectivity capabilities have reached new heights in the last 2 years. In addition to offering our products and services for UAE, Oman and Jordan on our B2B booking engine, we have now slowly begun to load additional destinations with whom we have a tangential relationship. Bahrain is one of these new additions, more currently under process, as we look to offer a wide range of destinations on our booking platform.

Large Event Experiences

With Expo 2020 under our belt, expect to see Desert Adventures associated with other large  scale  events.  Our  region continues  to  attract  some  of the biggest events in the world, and the Desert Adventures team is always  prepared  to  create experiences around these special events. Some of the most exciting events coming up this year alone are the FIFA World Cup in Qatar and the F1 Grand Prix in Abu Dhabi.

Sustainability Initiatives

There  is  a  growing consciousness around the lasting impacts we have on the environment and how tourism is affecting it. We at Desert Adventures along with our tourism board have already started calculating  our  carbon  footprint across our company and are actively devising  ways  to  minimize  our impact. We have also started to develop more eco-friendly tours, which  include  EV  transfers  and socially responsible experiences.