Our MD’s Bharat Yatra!


We know already, that our staff was delighted to see our Managing Director, Madhavan Menon, when he visited the branches across the country, after such a long gap. (See the accompanying article.)

We requested Madhavan to give us his take on it too. Here is his response:

“Early in October 2021, as India joined the rest of the world in easing their restrictions on movement etc., I decided that it was important to go out there and physically reconnect with employees of our group companies. After all, there had been no connection beyond virtual meetings over Teams and Zoom for nearly 18 months.

In the first week of November 2021, I set out on a literal Bharat Yatra to connect with employees across our network, and travelled to Chennai, Bengaluru, Hyderabad Kolkata and Delhi over a five-day period. I made it a point to visit each branch in each of these cities. This gave me the time to personally meet the employees at the respective branches, and find out how they were doing. It was also an opportunity to reassure them that the Organization appreciated their support during the tough period, and their cooperation and assistance in executing all the changes in processes and technology, under “project reimagine”.

I was pleasantly surprised to see that morale was high across the network and the constraints we witnessed over the 18 months had not diminished their enthusiasm, passion and spirit. My only regret was that I could not visit more cities in the network as, unfortunately, “Omicron” interrupted my plans to visit additional cities. I  certainly look forward to doing this later this year.”