Our End-of-the-Year Staff Party Was a Lovely Way to Bond and Connect

The much anticipated day began on Friday, 24th November 2023, early in the morning, with a staff transfer from the city to the Nairobi SGR Terminus. The atmosphere was peaceful, and the sky was mist-laden after the overnight rain showers. Everyone arrived at the terminus early enough for check-in, breakfast and boarding of the Nairobi to Mombasa train.

At exactly 8 am, all the Private Safaris (EA) staff were already on board with their packed ready-to-eat breakfast on the table to prevent them from running low in the next 6-hour voyage to Mombasa! This was a great opportunity for the staff to mingle and share stories and work-related experiences.

Upon arrival at Mombasa,  one couldn’t  tell whether we belonged to one company, or were just a big group on holiday.  What mattered to us was that we belonged to one big family– Private Safaris (EA), and that was something wonderful.

At exactly 14.11 hrs, the locomotive ground to a complete halt. In no time, the station became a hive of activity as passengers started ditching the train, carrying their belongings to the other side for transfers to their destined locations in Mombasa. After navigating a few corners here and there, and  weaving our way past crowds of other passengers,  we were able to locate some staff from our Mombasa office. They received us warmly, and led us to the transfer vehicles waiting to ferry us to the Voyager Beach Resort – our host hotel in Mombasa.

We managed to navigate through the Mombasa traffic and found our way to the Resort, our final destination. As soon as we checked in, the rain started to pound. We were ushered into the main restaurant for a late lunch. Later, everyone  found their  respective rooms, and met again later for an evening address concerning the activities planned for the following day. Everyone was excited.

At the cocktail party, Alex our CEO told us that the major activity , the ‘Pilipipa Dhow Cruise’, slated to take place concurrently with the Bush Tour the following day, would not happen due to bad weather conditions. As a result, Alex advised us to  try the Bush Tour instead. The day ended with a great dinner, and overnight at the hotel.


Saturday early in the morning, the Bush Tour crew set out on an inspection tour of hotel properties coupled with a visit around the South Coast of Mombasa. The hotels inspected included  the Diamond Leisure in Diani,  the Jacaranda Indian Ocean Beach Resort, and the Leopard Beach Hotel.

The crew returned later in the evening to join the rest of the staff for the grand finale event dubbed the ‘White Party’.


The exercise was not easy, but it was worth the effort, since the staff, especially from Sales Docket, could now gain a competitive edge against our competitors in the market.

As seen in the photos, the ‘white party’ was much enjoyed, a reward from the CEO for his hardworking staff. We thank him not just for the Christmas goodies, but also for his exemplary leadership skills that has seen Private Safaris (EA) rise from the ashes and climb  the leader of success!

Thank you very much, Alex!