No Challenge is Too Big for the Phenomenal SOTC Visa Team !

The entire Visa team at SOTC was driven by an extremely focused approach this 2017. Maintaining quick turnaround periods and on-time delivery proved to be the key to their success.  Team players such as Alana Miranda, Reyaz Ahmed, Surendra Yadav, Leelesh Dhakte , Rajesh Yadav and Bipul Das supported their team leaders through thick and thin and ensured no stone was left unturned in getting the job done in time.

Some of the biggest noteworthy achievements included having supported the MICE team with their groups to the tune of 3000 plus passengers to Australia ensuring all visas were delivered on time. This was successfully achieved in addition to the regular GIT / FIT visa work.  Sandeep More in the West and Arvind in the North offered their tireless support to the MICE team in making sure  delivery was met on time.

Managing Schengen appointments this year was a huge task for most agents but the VISA team managed to sail through with grit and ease, (if you can combine the two!) Having seasoned staff ensured that our clients were accommodated with appointments on short notice. Teams with a capacity of  just 5 to 8 members have managed over 3000-5000 passengers  during the super peak months (April –June) ensuring on-time reverts and delivery. This is indeed phenomenal!

With the introduction of the new Frame 2.0, and a few key changes in the CVT team functioning, the team now has a more structured approach and are more aligned to its cases and work.  The system (Frame 2.0) has given the team visibility, a sense of ownership as well as accountability of the work assigned to it.  Locations and Branches can now track their cases through the system (Frame 2.0), and this has minimized the communication between the visa teams and branches to a great extent.

A never-say-no-team,  always ready to take up the most unexpected challenges ensuring that work is completed in time so that we have a happy customers is the adrenaline that drives this team to success.  Kudos to them!