An Attachment to Thomas Cook India Through the Years — An Interesting Story!

20180611_172605-minLennie Furtado Colaco (OPS TEAM) and Cassius Colaco (Tour Manager) were blessed with a baby girl on 21st February 2018.

While they aren’t the first married couple working at Thomas Cook India, there is an interesting link and history between their little daughter, and Thomas Cook India.

Cassius’ maternal great grandfather – Cajetan Almeida worked with Thomas Cook until his retirement, his maternal Grandfather Louis C Almeida also worked with Thomas Cook for a few years, and his uncle Philip Almeida worked here as well.

The story doesn’t end there. Besides their baby’s link to her family history, there is yet another connection! The wife of their baby’s gynaecologist , Zita Quadros,  and her father  Manny Quadros  also worked with Thomas Cook. To add to the list, her paediatrician is also a part time tour manager!

With such close historic ties to Thomas Cook… maybe the little one will join  us in future!  Who knows?