Modesh Mania Grips Dubai

Born in Dubai, Modesh is the omnipresent, sunny-faced mascot of Dubai Summer Surprises. This year, Modesh stayed true to his name, ‘amazing’ in Arabic, as it embodied the same friendly and fun attitude families have come to know and love.


Modesh World is one of Dubai’s most extensive indoor entertainment and amusement facilities, offering many activities catering primarily to families with children. The family-themed pop-up experience becomes operational every year during the summer months.


DEI introduced ‘Social Spin’ at Modesh World this year, a 360-degree experiential capture, which contributed 26% of the total sales this year. Guests were made to stand on a platform, and a rotating arm fitted with a camera captured the guest from all angles. The end video personified the dynamic spirit of Modesh and Dubai.