Meet SOTC Travel’s AI-powered Chatbot SOTC Ezy and Enhance Your Customer Experience!

SOTC Travel has announced the launch of the latest addition to its unique offerings, SOTC Ezy – an AI-powered chatbot built around enhancing customer experiences.

Chatbot-SOTC-EZYThe advanced learning bot is able to upgrade its capabilities with each conversation, owing to its AI-powered ability of continuous learning. It uses Natural Language Processing (NLP) to understand customers better, and facilitate its holidays, forex, and visa services. With the number of internet users in the country evolving and largely driven by internet growth and usage in in Tier-I & Tier-II hubs, Chatbot Ezy will leverage growth of online travel bookings.

SOTC online bookings has also seen impressive growth, year-on-year, further reaffirming its strategic launch of the chatbot.

The launch of SOTC Ezy is in line with our digitisation strategy, aims to offer a completely seamless customer experience. This will enable us to deliver end to end solutions to our customers, who seek holiday information on our platform. Besides holiday recommendations, Visa Services, and Forex requirements, one can also avail end-to-end booking and selling services via the SOTC Ezy interface.

SOTC will continue to focus our efforts on innovation and development, to further enhance our customer experiences, reinforced by inclusivity and convenience.