May and September 2019, ‘A Woo-hoo Times Two at PSL!’

May and September 2019, 'A Woo-hoo Times Two at PSL!'

It’s no doubt that double-cuteness runs in our Private Safaris EA family.  ladies and gentlemen, our May and September 2019 happy and proud mothers and dads. Let us congratulate them for keeping the tradition going.

May 2019:

Mohamed Bulushi – A baby girl

September 2019:

Nancy Wanja – A baby girl
Abel Odero – A baby girl
Reuben Mutonga – A baby boy

May and September 2019, 'A Woo-hoo Times Two at PSL!'

And as we share their joy, let us joyfully sing or recite for them the poem below.

“A baby is a gift, a blessing that makes our lives worthwhile,

As they complete us, give us purpose and always manage to make us smile.

Their cuddles, snuggles, and soft kisses can brighten up any day.

And it’s amazing that even just watching them sleep can make all our problems simply fade away.

When they gently clasp your finger or you gaze down at their cute little feet,

We are reminded every day just how precious they are, so perfect and oh, so sweet.

We have come together with our family and friends on this absolutely perfect day

To ask God if he could look after these beautiful princesses and the charming prince as they go on their ways.

We pray that He will keep them healthy and safe and always be their guide,

And that he will be there for them when they need him to be right by their side.

As we watch them grow and learn, we hope they’ll always learn right from wrongs.

May they be little warriors, brave and fearless, but at the same time, kind, gentle yet strong.

May they never stop following their dreams and reach for the highest stars in the sky.

Help them believe and achieve and let their spirits always fly high.

We hope that they will be respectful, humble, honest and true.

A life filled with pure happiness is what we all wish for them.

May they be always surrounded by laughter and their hearts always filled with love.

And from this moment, we pray that they will be forever faithful to the Lord above.

God bless you, little angels; may you never stop wearing a golden halo,

And our wish for you is that your lives will always be like a rainbow.

Perfect in every single way and just so beautiful to see,

A life that will be intriguing and as colourful as can be.

God bless you, little ones.”

Edited from the original poem

© Ilona M. Blake