Mala Makes It to the Top!

malaWin an iphone 6! ” by  persuading customers and friends to open a Holiday Savings Account (HSA).,”  said the Company flier.

Mala Salian, our reliable receptionist-cum-telephone operator-cum everything else, somehow found the time to collect the largest number of HSAs and won herself that  super phone! How did she do it in the midst of answering all those non-stop calls at work? Darned if we know!

So we asked her. Hear it in her own words: ” First of all I would like to thank our Company for rewarding me with the iphone 6.

Last year  a group of 25 people most of them my family members booked the Tour to visit Singapore and  Malaysia under the HSA Scheme. Each one of us had a splendid time during the tour.  After this beautiful experience some of my family members from the same group, and some friends were very eager to travel with Thomas Cook again through the same HSA scheme. Hence 20 of us have already invested in this scheme for the Dubai Tour. An International tour costs a lot, but under this scheme since we have to pay the money in instalments, economically it is very convenient to pay. Many of my  family members prefer travelling with Thomas Cook due to the professional service they get for various travel related services.  Hope the HSA scheme continues so that my family and friends and others, who can’t afford to pay a lump sum amount for an international tour are encouraged to travel again and again with Thomas Cook. “

Considering you are all day on the phone, Mala… did you really want another one? I guess a ‘smart’ one such as this is worth it! Congratulations!