Luxe Asia and Sita Enjoy Their Annual Trip—Cool fun!

 It was time for the annual trip and the staff looked forward to having a good time together with their colleagues. It entailed two nights of massive fun in exotic places! The Luxe Asia and Sita crew decided to make the most of it. The first night was at Hikkaduwa, and the following night at Bentota. The beautiful beach,  the gentle  breeze— the delicious food, the music, the dancing all created the perfect ambience for everyone to switch to party mode!

Bentota has always been renowned as the water sport capital of Sri Lanka – from jet ski riding, wind surfing, boogie boarding, water skiing, to a leisurely ride on a banana boat, are all extremely popular over here.  Our sports enthusiasts enjoyed  the diverse activities, and by the end of the two days Luxe Asia and Sita had relaxed and bonded, and were ready to return to work with renewed enthusiasm  and energy!

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