Lockdown Stories: My Biggest Takeaway Was That We Need to Take Care of Our Health on a Daily Basis

Lockdown Stories - Kuldeep Panwar
The lockdown taught me many important lessons. My biggest takeaway was that we need to take care of our health on a daily basis. I also learnt that life is so beautiful in the mountains. I discovered the joys of going out on walks and breathing in the crisp mountain air. It was something that I had utterly missed in the big city. The lockdown was an eye opener of sorts for me with the realisation of the importance of the family during difficult times. I didn’t miss going out for dinner, shopping or travelling. I enjoyed spending time with my 6-year-old nephew more, and having these amazing conversations with him. It was such an awesome experience. I learnt the value of relationships that we build at home, something that I had otherwise taken for granted all these years.

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