Lockdown Stories: I Learnt That the Key to Happiness is Caring for Your Family, Neighbours and Friends

Lockdown Stories - Robin Raj

I live in an independent house in a reasonably spacious compound. Cleaning the rooms, the outer courtyard and the terrace – otherwise done by domestic help – became a herculean task as we were all social distancing. We decided to divide the household chores with a strict daily time schedule. Soon I grew very talented with the broom, and could hear a rhythmic sound every time I used it.

To make the daily chores interesting for my children I started conducting a weekly competition. They were asked to make a 2 minute video on any task assigned to them. I used to love playing cricket when I was young, and took advantage of the lockdown as an opportunity to revive my interest in the game much to the excitement of my children!

I got to spend quality time with my parents, particularly my father who has mobility issues. I organised an online Yoga class for him so that he can be more active. I also ended up helping my neighbours and friends who couldn’t step out of their homes to buy grocery, medicines, household items and cooking gas.

I learnt that the key to happiness is caring for your family, neighbours and friends.

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