Lockdown Stories: I Learnt My Child Doesn’t Need an Action-packed Schedule but Quality Time

Lockdown Stories - Aakriti Sharma
I hated History throughout school but during the lockdown I started reading books by William Dalrymple. His Kohinoor and Anarchy in particular made me realise that History is not so boring after all!

There were 4 work stations under one roof during the lockdown, and I could see the generation gap being bridged because of technology. My 5 year old boy would help my 72 year old father log in to Zoom, and teach my 67 year old mom how to look for home remedies on YouTube. I learnt my child doesn’t need an action packed schedule but quality time. Only a few days were spent trying our hands at new dishes but soon we were back to basics as it was easier that way.

I am proud to share that I lost nearly 5 kilos doing domestic chores during the lockdown. I stopped buying things that weren’t essential and started practicing gratitude for what I already had. This deepened my ability to feel genuine appreciation in many more contexts, and helped me reach out to others better.

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