Let Us Celebrate the “Good Old Days” in Sentosa, Singapore

It gives me great pleasure to introduce “Good Old Days”,  a restaurant in Sentosa island, Singapore, that hasSentosa given us exclusive space to feature Thomas Cook India. The restaurant is right across the” Wings of Time” show and hence it is extremely convenient for our groups to have dinner after enjoying the show in Sentosa.

The restaurant has agreed to give us exclusive branding. Here are some of the pictures for your reference. The LTOB team looks forward to having a great season selling the Far East tours with huge numbers to Singapore and Asia!

And since we’re talking Asia, I am delighted to share some pictures of our branding in Japan as well, right from the hotels and restaurants where we have tables reserved for our esteemed guests, to all the service psentosa-2roviders who are giving us exclusive branding in Japan.

Ensure you take a look at the beautiful Sake souvenir which all our Thomas Cook guests will receive at the Sake museum.

Shishir Khambete
General Manager – Leisure Travel Outbound