Lending a Helping Hand in Laos

Asian Trails Laos - CSR activity December 2021
Asian Trails Laos – CSR activity December 2021
No one is useless in this world who lightens the burden of another.” 
266578915_4872469176163656_2217660704616272182_n Colleagues from the Asian Trails Vientiane office have  certainly proved the truth of this saying.
In Asia, making merit is a part of life. And in Laos, this includes listening to the needs of the less fortunate, or those representing the teachings of the Lord Buddha.

As part of a CSR initiative, volunteers from our office purchased cleaning and construction material for a small temple in the hometown of one of our Asian Trails Laos’ family members. This was complemented with a good amount of food to donate to the residing monks. The team assisted with cleaning up the temple and its surroundings before donating the acquired material.


Taking their well-earned blessings back to Vientiane, there is very little needed to showcase our ESTEEM principle to those in need. From the feedback after this half-day out and about, all our colleagues in Laos are eager to share their kindness soon again. What a wonderful thing to do!