KUO-Ignite Fantisia—A Very Enjoyable Day.

On a sunny Saturday, the TCI Hong Kong family had gathered at the Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel.  It was a full day annual event in appreciation for the hard-work our colleagues had put in over the past year.

The TCI Hong Kong Family

This amazing event started in the morning from a series of outdoor team building activities, and followed by a celebration lunch together with an awards presentation, games and a lucky draw. The enjoyment continued into the evening when our staff were like little children and had a great time at the Hong Kong Disneyland. Everyone went home happy and fulfilled!

Snapshots of Team Building 

Members from different departments were grouped into teams and competed with each other to accomplish  various tasks.  There were some tough challenges, but also interesting. Some team members  unleashed their undivulged talents which cannot be easily seen in the workplace!