Implementation of Malaysian Sales and Services Tax

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Credit Asian Trails Malaysia – Malaysian flag

Esteemed friends and business partners,

Following the Sales & Service Tax (SST) implementation on 1st September 2018, the Malaysian Government have officially confirmed to extend the 6% tax on all inbound and domestic travel and tourism activities, starting from 1st March 2019 onward.

The announcement was made by the Royal Malaysian Customs Department (RMCD) and will be applicable on all services in Malaysia commencing on 1st March 2019. This new taxation will affect all bookings arriving from 1st March 2019 into Malaysia, including prepaid bookings.

Asian Trails Malaysia deeply regrets the short notice given, and we appreciate your support in collecting this new tax as well as informing clients. According to regulatory requirements, set by the Malaysian government, we are obliged to revise existing invoices, reflecting the new SST tax and ask for your kind assistance to include this new tax accordingly.

If you have any questions, please contact our reservation team on +60 (0)3 2141 5245 or email us during office hours via