Hurray! Pride Awards Go Live Again!

“The roots of true achievement lie in the will
to become the best that you CAN become.”
–Harold Taylor–

 We, at Thomas Cook, constantly endeavor to encourage our staff to give their best in the workplace, and raise the benchmark in customer service and efficiency. We honour those who go beyond the norms of regular duty, who walk that extra mile, who deliver the kind of service that venerates the name of Thomas Cook in the industry.

 The PRIDE Awards have been constituted to record our deep appreciation for the excellence and commitment our employees have brought to the company. They are given to sustain the motivational levels, and are awarded quarterly as rewards and recognition for all employees Pan India.


Company values are the set of guiding principles and beliefs that help a business as a team, and work towards a common goal. It is an event where employees are acknowledged for their performance for that quarter, and receive a certificate with coupons.

The Values are:

Pioneering the future
Respect for individuals and united as a team
Delighting the customer


This year there was much excitement, as it was the first time, after Covid, that we had physical PRIDE Award events, where the winners could receive the accolades in person, just as they did in the past.


That was definitely much  more meaningful than being felicitated in a Zoom meeting!

Consequently, the anticipation was tangible in all the regions— North, South, East and West. Senior Management addressed the staff, and presented the accolades.


Colleagues and teams shouted words of encouragement and cheered each other.

It is not only enough to create a vision, but more important, to ensure that the vision is translated into reality through excellence of execution. ALL of us have a part to play……….. let us share and communicate the goals and plans of that vision with everyone in the organisation. Let us jointly implement the principles, ideas and ideals through hard work, commitment and flawless execution.

 Let us do it with PRIDE.