“Humans are Remarkable in Their Ability to Adapt,” Says Dipak

DIPAK DEVA----thumbnail_1624978968897We asked some of the CEOs and Heads in our Company to tell us how they and their teams dealt with the long hiatus, the the work-from-home situation, the vast changes that took place from March 2020 onwards.  The pandemic hit us, but it also unlocked our strengths.   And our executives kept the organisation together, never failing to motivate their teams and taking care of their staff.

When we approached Dipak Deva, MD Sita, he promptly directed us straight to the stories his staff had to tell. What did each one learn? Their experiences, their innovations, their adaptaion to the tough circumstances are all revealed in the articles in Sita’s section of this magazine.  We urge you to read them…

This is what Dipak had to say:

“Humans are remarkable in their ability to adapt. Our capacity to mould ourselves to any given situation, and to learn innovative methods to overcome obstacles is a constant source of awe, wonder, and inspiration. Never before has this been more evident than now. The pandemic has taught us a lot. We are all still learning whilst resetting our priorities and trying to process the changes. So, here we are sharing our lockdown stories, about what the pandemic has taught us, and how it has made us stronger.”