HR Ensures Happy Staff With Team Building and Fun Activities

We believe that fostering strong employee engagement is a cornerstone of our company’s success. Keeping our staff entertained and happy is not only beneficial to their well-being but also translates into improved productivity at work. When employees feel connected, motivated, and valued, they are more likely to invest their energy and creativity into their tasks.

Our HR staff is always busy planning Employee Engagement activities at an organisation level that are not only very varied and great fun, but also encourage teambuilding and bonding.  Folks are always happy to see colourful ‘Fun-d-Mentals’ popping up in their e-mails.

The 4 elements that we work towards as an organisation with regards to Employee engagment are: Engagement, Enablement, Energise, Empower and Encourage.

It is a 2 way process at the end of the day. Engaged employees are aligned to organizational commitment and strategy to delivering on both, their own goals, as well as company goals.

We list some of the activities, along with photos, which show all the fun, and also how  HR staff interact personally with colleagues across the organisation, so they can all put a face to the names and get to know each other better!

Employee Connect Across Businesses

Bonding in Bangalore













Catching up with CTBT and Credit Control


Fun During the FX Branch Visit

Team Building Techniques with LTOB, MICE and Domestic 


More Team Building…!