HR Devises Delightful Ways of De-stressing and Creating Fun At Work!

You may be spending approximately 60 hours a week there – plus countless more hours commuting to and from. It’s where you ride out the tide of stressful deadlines and big wins, and quarters good and bad.

We are talking, of course, about the office.

When you consider how much time you spend there and all the ups and downs you weather, it makes perfect sense that your office should be more than just a room full of cubicles where you go to work. Employees  deserve a work environment that recognizes their humanity – that has an ambience that makes it easy to find fun and inspiration amidst the grind.

At Thomas Cook India,  HR takes time to pour some thought into making the workplace a little more fun. Recreation amidst all the hard work has been known to boost morale, reduce employee stress, and increase the number of interactions between employees.

Our company converts part of your day into something enjoyable and separate from your normal work. It can help de-stress and promote creative thinking.

No matter what time of year it is, it’s important to make the office an enjoyable place to work, and create the kind of delightful  culture that inspires each one and their teams.

Have a look at some of the fun-stuff, the creativity, the enthusiasm and enjoyment that was generated in the workplace in the past few months!


Back to School:

  • How many of us speak of the ‘good ole days’ and reminisce about our school experiences. To recreate that time, we had a theme day — “Back to School”  —  where staff had to turn up  in school uniforms (did they also behave like children?)!  Some activities made you feel like a kid such as the school relay on the floor. See the  team pictures on our Facebook page!


Umbrella Painting:

  • Nothing like cheerful colours to beat the monsoon blues! Staff teams were urged to unleash their creativity and paint umbrellas. There were some amazing concepts and talent surfaced from many of our employees PAN India. Even the branches participated enthusiastically!


Independence Day

  • Independence Day is always celebrated in Thomas Cook with much patriotism and fervour.  As is customary, staff came dressed in national colours, and the Teams  represented different states.  So they were dressed accordingly, and decorated their department appropriately too!  Here we saw the diversity of India depicted very effectively, as you can see from these pictures…





Fashion Show:

  • As Lakme Fashion Week was around the corner, we arranged a Fashion show for the employees.  It was fun watching the ‘models’ strut their stuff ! The Winner of the ramp walk got a chance to attend  the real Lakme Fashion Week!


PRIDE Awards:

  • We hosted our quarterly achievement awards this month. So all the achievers were recognised and rewarded.PRIDE



Creating Ganesha:

  • Employees had fun creating their own Ganpati idols from items like paper, button, pebbles, wool, bangles and beads. We saw a variety of idols infused with creativity, using such diverse recyclable materials.

World Tourism Day:

  • Being in the travel business, it is only natural that we should celebrate World Tourism Day in a significant manner. Employees were invited to tell stories of their travels and illustrate them with colourful photos. They collated their travel experiences,  and depicted the places in that particular destination, in a storyboard concept. Some interesting results below.