Hip and Engaging: Desert Adventures Website at Your Service!

Pulse_June 2018

Our destinations, the United Arab Emirates Oman and Jordan, have come a long way—and so have we. Our new website now reflects how much Desert Adventures Tourism (DAT) has grown as a Destination Management Company, and how much we’ve adapted to the changing times.

In presenting a new and modern look and feel, DAT showcases fresh travel concepts as well as distinct products and packages. We have made it a point to make the website speak to the industry, inform them of the latest developments, and share stories behind the brand with tales of its destinations. And for those interested in knowing more about our brand, and the products and services we provide, they can easily and conveniently view and download our brochures from the website.

A fresh addition is a fun and engaging Careers page, which does more than just listing current job openings. It features testimonials from employees and fun facts about the staff, all depicting what it’s like to work for a leading DMC in Arabia, and contains all the necessary information that will make potential candidates really want to be part of DAT.

Explore our new space in the cyber jungle at WWW.DESERTADVENTURES.COM.