Happy Annual Gathering Creates Harmony and Bonding Among Colleagues


Once again it was time for the whole TCI HK team to unite and gather together to reflect on the year gone by, and look forward to the year ahead. Our staff was  cordially invited to enjoy the amazing day in Ocean Park to visit the spectacular aquarium and have fun with the exciting amusement rides. The highlight of the day was the TCI HK Appreciation Dinner  held in the evening when we all grouped into teams, and dressed up in special festive themes to commemorate the great event of the year.

The evening opened with our Managing Director, Maria Ng, when she reminisced  about the remarkable memories of the seven-year appreciation dinners, to relive the special moments, and to review the core value of TCI HK, to deliver our service with professionalism and dedicated hearts. To connect, communicate and converge, together we can create an incomparable performance.


The highlight of the appreciation dinner was the entertainment programme. We were all entertained this year by playing traditional team games of “Rag and Bone Man” and “Back to Basic”, which got everyone involved and we really enjoyed the whole process. To win the game of “Rag and Bone Man”, each table strived to be the best with their cooperation and innovation, in accordance with the instructions given in each round. The game of “Back to Basic” embodied the spirit of collaboration, and to achieve the goal given with time efficiency!


Given the recent months of social unrest in Hong Kong, we take pride in being able to stay calm and close together as a strong team. We are committed to safeguarding our staff while upholding our professionalism to maintain the usual great service to our customers. We know, as we connect, communicate and converge, we are able to continue providing  the same outstanding service during good times and bad times.