Guide Interaction Meet Gives the Right Guidance!


Recently our ambassadors in the service industry, our guides, were invited by Sita to participate in a Guide Interaction Meet in Jaipur and Agra.

The Meet offered a platform for our guides to address issues they had, share their experiences, positive stories and feedback.

It also provided an opportunity for us as a company to update the Guides about the recent developments in our organisation, and give them a refresher on Class By Sita.

Guide Interaction Meet

As an Organisation, we compete based on levels of quality and not pricing. To create a differentiator with the competition, Class by Sita is a Platinum level of personalised customer service, provided by the company through its brands to all its privileged international clients. The level of service acts as an active element in Sita’s differentiation strategy.

This is a highly successful initiative which is on the anvil for other key destinations across the country this year.