Get Away From It All–Island Escapes and Jungle Hideaways

Asian Trails - Get away from it all Island escapes and jungle hideaways (credit Asian Trails)
  Get away from it all Island escapes and jungle hideaways (Credit Asian Trails)

Being consumed by nature, be it staying on a tropical island hideaway, or trekking through a dense rainforest, offers a sense of seclusion most of us desire. Visiting these idyllic environments with a more responsible approach is gaining ground as travellers seek to leave only their footprints.

As part of this new travel trend to protect pristine environments and fuel our wanderlust, our product teams have designed excursions in lesser-known destinations to satisfy the aspirations of those seeking an alternative approach to mass tourism. From exploring verdant green interiors, to basking on deserted white sandy beaches, serenity and sustainability reign supreme on our bespoke get away from it all packages.

Unwind in a Protected Paradise

Singapore - Unwind in protected paradise (credit Bawah Reserve)
Singapore – Unwind in protected paradise (Credit Bawah Reserve)

Located far from Singapore’s futuristic skyline but easily accessible on a short seaplane flight is an island hide-away in the truest sense.

The Bawah Reserve was created by a shipping magnate who became enamoured with Western Indonesia’s Riau Archipelago. This sublime destination has all the essentials of a true tropical retreat; a rainforest-clad interior, azure seas and abundant coral reefs. Set across five forest-canopied islands and 13 beaches, guests enjoy a barefoot, back-to-nature experience in villas tastefully created from natural materials such as bamboo and driftwood. An eco-friendly mindset pervades, with locally grown ingredients on the menu, a holistic wellness centre and sustainable approaches.

Unplug and unwind in a true paradise setting on an Asian Trails’ package.

Supporting Orangutan Conservation

Indonesia - Supporting orangutan conservation (credit Asian Trails)
Indonesia – Supporting orangutan conservation (Credit Asian Trails)

Deep in the heart of Kalimantan on the island of Borneo lies a rainforest sanctuary that provides a safe haven for endangered orangutans.
Originally set up as a rehabilitation facility, Camp Leaky has developed into a leading research centre into the plight of these animals. Humans can also enjoy this serene site on a three day Asian Trails’ package that gives a fascinating insight into conservation work and environmental protection.
Located near the tourist destination of Tanjung Harapan, the itinerary includes a relaxing boat trip and enlightening educational programmes. Most of all – participants get the deep satisfaction of being part of a great cause.

Back-To Naure Home-stay Experience

Cambodia - Back-to-nature homestay experience (credit Asian Trails)
Cambodia – Back-to-nature homestay experience (Credit Asian Trails)

To meet the growing demand for authentic, local experiences, our Cambodian team has created a homestay excursion on the idyllic island of Koh Trong.
Situated off the regular tourist trail, this serene destination near Kratie province in Eastern Cambodia features a relaxing rural landscape of fruit orchards and quaint villages. For an immersive Khmer exposure, guests stay in traditional stilted wooden homes, with delicious authentic food cooked by the host family. The hours are spent absorbing the serenity of nature in a peaceful riverside setting.
To break the solitude, options include a bike ride along twisting trails, or join in with a tree planting initiative.

Haven for Outdoor Exploration

Vietnam - Haven for outdoor exploration (credit Nam Cat Tien National Park)
Vietnam – Haven for outdoor exploration (Credit Nam Cat Tien National Park)

Cat Tien is the perfect year-round destination for those seeking a different experience from Vietnam’s more tourist-centric destinations.
The area’s 72 sq-km UNESCO listed National Park is a haven for lovers of nature and outdoor activities, with opportunities to indulge in jungle trekking, mountain biking and wildlife spotting in the expansive tropical rainforest. Fauna includes 100 types of mammal including sun bears, leopards, elephants, guar; primates such as gibbons and langurs; plus abundant reptiles, snakes, butterflies and an estimated 350-plus species of birds.
Asian Trails Vietnam has designed a wide variety of excursions that explore every area of this amazing reserve so adventurers can enjoy an exceptional back-to-nature experience.

Escape The Concrete Jungle

China - Escape the concrete jungle (credit Ha Xiahe - The Norden Camp
China – Escape the concrete jungle (Credit Ha Xiahe – The Norden Camp)

As the third largest country in the world, China has abundant space to escape its frenetic cities. However, to maximise off-the-beaten track experiences, specialist expertise and local knowledge is a prerequisite.
Our China team has created personalised excursions overloaded with thematic components, such as cultural heritage, spirituality and a deep-rooted connection to nature. Xiahe county and its Tibetan surroundings is a prime destination that ticks all the wanderlust boxes. Our products take exploration of this region to a different level, with overnights in nomadic tents, or ancient monasteries.
Supporting communities is also a core element, which enhances the satisfaction for all. We take guests off-track so they gain unique experiences.

New  View Of Holiday Hot Spot

Thailand -New view of holiday hotspot (credit Seaview Koh Chang)
Thailand -New view of holiday hotspot (Credit Seaview Koh Chang)

Situated in the Gulf of Thailand close to the Cambodian border, Koh Chang has a well-deserved reputation as an alternative destination to more developed resort islands such as Phuket.

While some beaches have trademark leisure attractions, a journey into the island’s interior will reveal dense jungles and expansive flora. Seventy per cent of Koh Chang is rainforest and it is also home to notable peaks including 744-metres high Salak Phet, an elevation that rewards trekkers with a stunning panorama of White Sand Beach. The Mu Ko Chang National Park safeguards the island’s natural assets such as the multi-tiered Khlong Phu Waterfall.

Asian Trails’ excursions deliver exploration of this idyllic island from a new angle.

Jumbo Exposure to Exceptional Fauna

Malaysia - Jumbo exposure to exceptional fauna (credit Asian Trails)
Malaysia – Jumbo exposure to exceptional fauna (Credit Asian Trails)

Providing the ultimate outdoor adventure experience, Tabin Wildlife Reserve in Sabah is Malaysia’s largest wildlife reserve.
Situated on Borneo island, guests stay in wooden chalets in a riverside setting deep in the rainforest. A short sojourn will reveal a wealth of fauna, including elephants, gibbons and orangutans. Birdlife is particularly abundant, with a staggering 253 species. Treks along jungle trails reveal natural attractions such as Lipad Waterfall, the perfect place to take a cooling swim in a rock pool. Back at the Tabin Resort, be lulled to sleep by the nocturnal croaking chorus of 71 species of frogs and toads.
Our specialist knowledge of this reserve ensures our guests enjoy an exceptional nature trip.