Fun-D-Mentals Ensures the Fun Doesn’t Stop!

The Harvard Business Review says that research suggests that having fun at work “has a positive impact on engagement, creativity, and purpose, increasing employee retention and reducing turnover.”

It is an effective way of improving the emotional quotient of employees. Enjoying time with your colleagues in a relaxed and fun environment encourages honest and open discussion and trust in one another, and working together becomes easier.

We, at Thomas Cook know the importance of that, and that is why ‘Fun-D-Mentals’ has a host of entertaining activities to keep our staff engaged. Here are just a few…!

In the second quarter in continuation with our online activities, we also started with ‘on-floor’ activities. To enable this we targeted locations that have bigger numbers, and conducted a Caricature activity. We also focused on the flavour of  the month (from May to August), and conducted activities that revolved around themes like Mother’s Day, Mango Mania, Father’s Day, Monsoon Special – Monsoon Travel Diaries. We celebrated Independence – with a quick Quiz devoted to Patriotic songs/dialogues.  We also did do our all-time favourite emoji challenge.

We relooked at our Quarterly Confluence and conducted it in a one-day format as against the usual four-day format. The change was executed smoothly we could get good participation from all regions.

With festivities around the corner we look forward to bringing out a lot more excitement on the floor, and will continue to engage our employees with some exciting, fun filled events.

The enthusiasm with which everyone participates in all the activities proves that fun at work does keep the employees happy and relaxed, and ready to tackle work with added vigour!