FICF and Our CSR Initiative Continues to Give Hope and Life to So Many

Giving Quotes MLKIn several of our Issues, we have been giving you news about our FICF and our CSR initiative.The project has grown considerably, and has now expanded to almost every state in India,  providing succour and medical support to so many who need regular dialysis and cannot afford it.

We give you some recent updates

In India, roughly 1 in 7 adults is estimated to be suffering from Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) and may need dialysis. 1.3 million patients need dialysis to survive, but only about 15% of them undertake dialysis due to the high cost of treatment, and often long travel necessary, to access treatment. Today over 200,000 Dialysis Machines are needed, but only about 35,000 Dialysis Machines are available, out of which more than 80% serve the urban and the affluent.

Recognising this need, Thomas Cook (India) Ltd. set up the Fairfax India Charitable Foundation (FICF – for improving dialysis access in rural India as part of our CSR initiatives.

FICF embarked on an ambitious program based on the direction of the Hon. Prime Minister focusing on alleviating the large and growing challenge of limited, affordable, rural dialysis access to India’s poorest. Our unique PPP model harnesses Government infrastructure & funds for operational expenses, Private sector operating expertise & Financial support from India’s corporates to fund Dialysis Machines.

Our mission target is to fund and install 2000 dialysis machines to offer free dialysis across 450 dialysis centres set up by a unique PPP model across 30 states & UTs taking free dialysis to around 45% of India’s population and which over a 5-year period, will deliver close to 50 lakh free dialysis sessions and help patients save close to Rs. 1000 Crore.

FICF as on 31st Mar 2023, has installed over 1200 dialysis machines across over 300 dialysis centres, across 250 districts in partnership with 27 State/UT Governments

Our dialysis initiative offers free access to over 29% of India’s rural population and today constitutes over 10% of the total dialysis machines deployed under the Pradhan Mantri National Dialysis Programme (PMNDP) has offered 15 lacs free dialysis for under-privileged patients saving more than Rs 300 crores . 

That is big, indeed!

Working tirelessly and closely for this project all these years, is Himanshu Dave, who has been instrumental in ensuring that the project is expanding and reaching out to as many people as possible, in every State.