Desert Adventures: Exclusive Arabian Travel Market Partner Event

On 30th April 2023, Desert Adventures invited their top tour operator partners from all over the world for an exclusive annual Arabian Travel Market event. This year’s event was earmarked as ‘An Evening of Arabian Elegance’, where we showcased the finest in Arabian hospitality at the Ritz Carlton DIFC’s chic and distinctive venue – Flair 5.

The evening was replete with live entertainment and performers who embodied the UAE’s exceptional qualities. An authentic Emirati cultural guide regaled the guests with captivating tales of the country’s history, traditions, and distinctive cultural elements, such as the art of tea-making and attire. Adding an element of mystique, a Tarot Card reader offered insightful glimpses into the lives and, perchance, the future of our esteemed guests! Moreover, we treated our attendees to mesmerizing performances by our exclusive entertainer, renowned for enthralling audiences with Sufi Dance, Tanoura Show, and Darbouka rhythms. As a token of our appreciation, each guest departed with a distinctive tea gift set, thoughtfully curated to exemplify the cultural essence of this remarkable land.

Do watch the video to share the experience!