Ethnic Day—A Colourful Culmination of Culture and Colour

On the 3rd of November 2023, a cheerful flyer popped into everyone’s mailbox, announcing the advent of Diwali. After the ‘Chaat’ party there was more to come. We would celebrate ‘Ethnic Day’, where all the staff would come dressed in traditional garb, and there would be ‘Bay Decoration’ across all our offices. It was an endeavor to create unity in diversity.

It was an eventful day, with the employees dressed in their best attire. The blend of culture and tradition added colour and joy to the festive week.


You could see lights, décor, garlands and rangoli in every nook and corner, as everyone tried to make their bay look the best. It was all lit throughout the week resulting in the perfect Diwali ambience.

“Ethnic Day” was a vibrant celebration that brought together a diverse tapestry of cultures and traditions within the workplace. Regular corporate attire was  traded for a burst of colors and textures, showcasing the rich tapestry of traditional dresses from various regions and communities. All our offices were transformed into a kaleidoscope of cultural diversity.


The celebration went beyond just attire.  It was a lively and enriching celebration that honoured the unique background of each employee, and created an environment where everyone could share in the joy of cultural expression.


Desks and cubicles showcased an array of traditional and modern Diwali decorations, creating a visual feast that reflected the diverse  ideas and talent in the office.