DEI Strikes Gold at MATFA: Winning the Golden Horse Award for Best Theme Park Photography

We are thrilled to share that DEI recently basked in the limelight, receiving the prestigious SDN BHD Golden Horse Award 2023 at MATFA for Best Theme Park Photography Service. This accolade is a testament to our relentless pursuit of excellence in capturing joy-filled moments and transforming them into lifelong memories for theme park guests.

The award is a bright beacon that highlights our team’s diligence and dedication, and we’re incredibly proud of the passion they display daily. This honor isn’t just ours, though. It’s a shared victory with our clients and partners whose constant support propels us to elevate our service to new heights continuously.

Winning the Golden Horse Award is an exhilarating milestone on our ongoing journey. But rest assured, it’s not the end point. As we celebrate today, we are also looking forward to capturing more magical moments, pushing the boundaries of our creativity, and continuing to raise the bar of excellence together.