Corporate Travel Had a Kaleidoscope of Corporate Events in 2023– The Highlights

What a year it was! 2023 was buzzing with corporate events. Thomas Cook India & SOTC Travel Limited had woven a rich tapestry of experiences, each event a kaleidoscope of collaboration and sponsorship. We share with you some of the highlights.


The tech hub of Bengaluru saw us team up with the senior leadership team for All hands Meet, where the President & Global Head, Indiver Rastogi addressed the CT/BT staff including our implants, the backbone of the company, to encourage them. We also hosted an event at Olive in Bengaluru where there was a great turnout of our existing clients as well as the prospective ones. 


In the heart of Delhi, we hosted a couple of events this year. We partnered with Qantas Airlines to host a gala evening for our HNI guests in August, at a lovely restaurant under a starlit sky. The evening began with a welcome reception, with guests enjoying the cocktails and music. We also served our guests some delectable Thai & Asian fusion cuisine. The event was a great opportunity for our stakeholders to network and talk about business insights and following trends.


Our second event was in December at a venue overlooking the Qutub Minar, creating a unique aesthetic vibe. The collaborative evening was again co-hosted by KTO.  The guest list included top stakeholders from some of the biggest conglomerates in the capital. A photo booth set up at one end was a source of great entertainment and the guests happily posed. They were delighted and surprised to receive live prints of their photos as takeaways for them all!


Mumbai was the stage for the next collaborative evening with our clients at a posh venue in Pali Hill, in December. Once again, we partnered with KTO,  to showcase the latest Bleisure trend at some amazing locations in South Korea, which created a wave of excitement through the audience. The party continued with mellow beats, sparkling conversations and convivial company. Everyone agreed they had a wonderful time. Check out the happy faces in the photos!


Our year end soirée event at Chandigarh, Punjab, was a resounding success with over 150 guests in attendance. The evening at a renowned hotel began with a welcome reception, where the guests enjoyed the cocktails and house music.

A multiple set of menus with various cuisines were served to suit every palate. The occasion was a great opportunity for our stakeholders to network and talk about the South Korea bleisure campaign. It was a red carpet  event, an evening full of excitement and energy.

A photo booth, where instant prints of the pictures taken were given as takeaways turned out to be very popular. Client testimonials were captured by our paparazzi team. The evening was organised jointly with KTO & Qatar Airlines.

Indiver Rastogi took the opportunity to thank all our sponsors. Overall, the evening was a resounding success, we were told by those who attended. Here are some happy moments captured.

On behalf of the entire TCIL/SOTC corporate travel team, we would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to KTO, Qatar and Qantas for collaborating with us for our Mumbai, New Delhi and Chandigarh events. This was a testament to the strong relationship we have built over time.

We are fortunate to have such a supportive and loyal group of clients, partners and sponsors.

Here’s to a year of shared successes, strong partnerships, and impactful initiatives!