Connecting and Team Building With “All Hands Meet”


AHM (All Hands Meet), a day event was organised on 17th September 2002, at The Cricket Club of India Ltd, Mumbai. The program was conducted by Indiver Rastogi – President & Group Head Global Business Travel.


It started off with Vikram Nanda, Anshul Sethi, Bhavna Chadda and Jasneet Madan addressing the audience. The Roll of Honor Awards were  then presented to the winners by Indiver. We also had an Amadeus presentation to help employees acquaint themselves with the features that the tool provides.

The event was rounded off with team building activities by the L&D Team — Mohit Trivedi and Kavita Menon.

The main purpose of the AHM was to develop and encourage team building, which in turn would lead to greater motivation in achieving goals. It helped individuals who don’t normally work together, feel more connected on a personal and professional level. Indiver had asked the employees to share their grievances, which were addressed as well.

He also spoke about how the business has grown over the years, despite the pandemic, when the travel industry was impacted the most. Indiver discussed how effectively the business has bounced back, how far we had come, and how much we still had to achieve.

Northern Region

All Hands Meet also happened in the Gurgoan Office for the CTBT Northern Region on 9th July, 2022. Indiver addressed the entire team, and we also had couple of fun-filled sessions followed by lunch. Everyone enjoyed bonding and enjoyed the event, as you can see from the photographs!

With inputs from:
Caroline Misquitta–Assistant Manager -HR
Tushar Wali– Senior Manaager HR