Chit-Chatting Over Chaat!

As a precursor to the Diwali celebrations, Chaat Day was organised for all our employees across regions on 9th November 2023. It was a delightful affair filled with savoury indulgence and camaraderie. The tantalizing aroma of spices, and the vibrant colours of assorted chutneys created an irresistible atmosphere!

Colleagues gathered around, enjoying meeting up, and indulging in a variety of chaat specialties. From crisp papdi chaat to tangy pani puri, the office space was transformed into a culinary haven. The shared enjoyment of these flavourful street-snacks fostered a sense of togetherness, making Chaat Day not just a culinary treat, but also a celebration of the joy that comes from bonding over delicious food in the workplace!